About Us

Realizing Dreams. It's Positively Empowering!™


 In a game-style of play, help you inspire all ages to dream, believe and achieve.


Purposeful play that inspires potential, synchronizes the energy and experience of generations, and transforms lives in education and health.

What We Believe

We believe that life is more fun when we are Realizing Dreams In Teams.™

Give inspiration … Get inspired.™

Realizing Dreams helps you connect your school, family, and community partnerships for student success. We provide high-impact reflective tools, Realizing Dreams YES! Youth Empowerment Summits, and capacity-building hands-on workshops that change lives.

How’s it work? In a game-style of play we get all ages laughing, talking and learning about each other. Our activities help you open communication and bring diverse people together on common ground. The inspired talk moves to action and students – and even staff and adults – create a personal “GPS”, Game Plan for Success. Our outcomes increase self-awareness, build confidence, strengthen relationships, boost achievement and empower success. It’s Positively Empowering!™

Give leadership … Get dedication.™

You will find that our rigorous evidence-based student-centered activities provide results-based outcomes that make kids happy and parents proud.

Our innovative frameworks and teaching strategies include Einstein inspired and infused self-efficacy formulas that help you inspire mindsets, change attitudes, and influence positive behaviors – quite often in minutes, not months.

Give teamwork … Get results.™

Are you on a tight budget and need to save money? Or just want to “do-it-yourself”. We can train you. Just get our turn-key Classroom Empowerment Kits or individual discovery games and companion reflective action journals. If you want us to inspire your students, help you engage families, and build-capacity in your staff, contact Realizing Dreams for our purposeful play programs.

We can also support your community outreach goals and college or university efforts in retention and registration. If you have hundreds or thousand of students, let’s collaborate to empower youth in your auditorium, stadium, or at your event.

Give a smile … Get a smile.™

Contact us to engage families, equip staff, and to empower youth with our reflective tools or in our on-site or online workshops.