...empowering America's future.™

Let's ALL help our schools to empower America's students to achieve and succeed!

“It shows how to inspire others.“ - D.W. Staff, Stamford Recreation Services

After all, isn't life about...

Realizing Dreams Plan Futures. Transform Lives.™ www.RealizingDreams.us

“Jim, did an extraordinary job. Our kids got a lot out of it.

He makes kids look at the future.”

~ Scott Kassouf, Assistant Superintendent, Stamford Recreation Services

We can help you engage, equip and empower your:

Students | Staff | Families | Communities

Team build, Inspire positive role models, develop leaders and empower your camp staff (Counselors & CIT's) and campers age 5 and up.

Glastonbury Parks and Recreation

Stamford Recreation Services - Setting goals for summer camp and successful futures

Staff - Showing the FUN and impact

What staff are saying and accomplishing

Realizing Dreams invites you to host a YES! Youth Empowerment Summit this summer at your camp. Staff and campers set goals and "Game Plans" for summer camp AND successful futures! It's POSITIVELY EMPOWERING™.

My Declaration of Independence™

The United States of America Student Challenge™

This culminating activity invites students to accept The United States of America Student Challenge™ and make a promise to graduate from high school, prepare for college and/or career, go for the knowledge, inspire others, and help be the change in the world they want to see.

Invite students to make a promise to realize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream, their dreams of a better life, and sign their My Declaration of Independence™.

Empower Students who Empower other Students

A 10 year old and his 4th grade “advisors” creating his Game Plan to become Mayor and President of The United States of America

Empower Women, Families, and Communities

Empower Diverse Families and Communities

Empower Spanish Speaking Families

What's your dream for student success?