You are helping me realize my dreams.”

Our Story

“Every parent has a dream for their child and every child has a dream in their heart they want to see come true. The Realizing Dreams experience uncovers the dreams, grows mindsets, changes behaviors and opens doors to a preview of how everyone can make their dreams come true.

That’s what Realizing Dreams is ALL about.”

Realizing Dreams helps you put the future in students’ hands today, for a more successful tomorrow. We give youth voice and choice in their lives and engage students using reflective questions that help our young people express their thoughts and feelings. The result is we Spark Aha! Moments that discover passion and inspire America’s youth to dream BIG dreams. Our activities equip students with self-efficacy Life Skill Assets™ to realize their dreams. Our results-based outcome goal is to increase student self-awareness for focus and intrinsic motivation that empowers them with grit and a growth mindset to reach their potential. After-all, we all want our young people to be the best they can be.

 “I want to do the best in my life.

The inspiration to create Realizing Dreams came to Jim Cantoni after hearing comments like the two above from students in his hundreds of youth empowerment, leadership development and growth mindset workshops. As an example of what elementary school teachers in large urban school district’s are saying,

 “I can help facilitate empowering myself and the younger population.

Our Vision: Inspire Potential. Synchronize Generations. Transform Lives.™

Our Mission: Realizing Dreams in Teams™ by Connecting Schools, Families and Communities for Student Achievement and Success

We invite you to join in Mission: USA 2020, a challenge to engage, equip and empower 90 percent of America’s more than 42 million youth with self-awareness, grit and a growth mindset to reach their full potential.

Insight for School’s, Parent’s, Teachers, Counselor’s and Administrator’s – Individualizing Learning Plans: Adult’s gain Read More

critical insight into the interests, hopes, dreams of students’  goals and aspirations that you can differentiate learning and wrap-around supports based on what motivates students to achieve and succeed .

Insight for Funding: Grant writers can get performance based data for funding positive youth development and student success.

Our Process: We give youth voice and choice in their lives. We build capacity and create better connections between all ages by Realizing Dreams In Teams™. Our relevant student-centered enrichment includes research-based activities using hands-on tools, empowerment workshops and self-efficacy formulas for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Realizing Dreams applies:

  • Growth mindset research from Stanford University
  • Social and emotional learning that supports the American School Counselors Association (ASCA) Mindsets and Behaviors and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)
  • Positive psychology and grit come from the University of Pennsylvania
  • Goal setting from Harvard
  • Our own Einstein inspired and infused teaching strategies and self-efficacy formulas for:
    • Overcoming obstacles
    • Taking the stress out of testing and putting the joy into learning
    • Influencing attitudes and behaviors
    • Putting kids and adults on the same page
    • Developing grit, goal setting and a growth mindset

Our Relevant Student-Centered Enrichment Supports and Empowers: School District Improvement Plans, Positive School Climate initiatives, Student Success plans, 21st Century Skill Learning, the Common Core, Effective Teaching Rubrics for Exemplary Teaching and School-Family-Community Partnerships.

Our Hands-On Tools and Workshops are Authentic Enrichment and Rigorous supports for: SRBI/RTI, PBIS, Title I, IV, IX, Wrights Law, Whole Child, Developmental Assets, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Character and Positive Youth Development, Team Building and Leadership Development in Youth Advisory, Mentee/Mentor, Job Shadow and Workforce Development Programs and in High Impact Professional Development Learning Communities (PLC’s) and other youth development frameworks.