Our Story

Dear friends in education, mentors, parents, coaches, and positive youth development professionals,

At Realizing Dreams, our goal is to help you unleash young peoples’ inner drive so they want to thrive. We help you accomplish this with empowerment tools and workshops that increase self-awareness and inspire potential in all ages. Our reflective activities help you build confidence, promote leadership, and inspire achievement in America’s youth.

Our Empowerment Tools Help You Increase Self-Awareness, Discover Motivation, Boost Achievement, Bolster Social and Emotional Learning, and Inspire Success.

Your kindergarten to college students will critically think about their life and powerfully express themselves using the keepsake reflective action journal, 7 Steps for Empowering Youth:Self-Awareness Developing Grit and a Growth Mindset, Including thoughts and feelings about interests, hopes, strengths, goals, and even what may be holding students back from reaching their potential. You will see how to create connections that strengthen relationships as they gain voice in their life. The self-awareness activities help you quickly see how to link student learning to self-motivation to achieve and succeed.

How do you use it? Just follow the 7 Steps! Students inspired thoughts move to action, and step-by-step, the 7 Steps guide all ages how to overcome life challenges and create a personal “GPS”, Game Plan for a Successful future.