OUTREACH GOALS? Connect Schools, Families, and Communities


“Ready to face the the future.”

– Christian, High School Student

“I learned to be the best I can be”

– Alexa, High School Student

Fran Kennedy Berlin High School NEASC

“Students need the transferable skills that Jim Cantoni imparts through this training.

The high-impact activities offered by Realizing Dreams supports the ‘Vision of the Graduate’.”

– Fran Kennedy

Associate Director, Commission on Public Schools, New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Retired Principal, Berlin High School

2015 Connecticut High School Principal of the Year

A Powerful Way to Get Kids to Think About, Plan and Get "Future Ready"


Kindergarten to college age students. Parents, educators, mentors, and extended families.


The Realizing Dreams: YES! Youth Empowerment Summit can be at your business, organization or place of choice during the day, in the evening, or on the weekend.


Realizing Dreams invites you to contact us. We will select a date, discuss business details, progam length, and create our plan to have an empowering engagement.


Executive Summary

The Realizing Dreams: YES! Youth Empowerment Summits help you achieve your community outreach goals that support your business objectives. You may even find fabulous interns and future employees!

We all know that school funding for enrichment tools and activities has been drastically cut. Students need transferable skills and opportunities to grow personally for social and emotional learning, and professionally as they enter the workforce. To increase success, we plan our business goals, but when do we ever stop time and create a plan for our future?


Together, at your location, we will connect schools, families, and communities with proven high-impact evidence-based tools and activities to support their enrichment efforts and state mandated Student Success Plans(SSP’S). Jim Cantoni, founder of Realizing Dreams will facilitate the Realizing Dreams: YES! Youth Empowerment Summit. Our collective impact goal is to equip ALL students with a personal “GPS”, Game Plan for a Successful future. Depending on your outreach goals, the youth empowerment can be one session from 90 minutes up to 2 1/2 hours. We can also support your goals with up to eight (8) different student success workshops on multiple days. Of course, you can include time for a company tour and presentations by your staff. We can even survey students and visitors to measure the impact and outcomes. You get data to wow your board of directors and use in newsletters and on social media.

You can open up to the public or select the students from schools or summer camps of your choice, including empowering your employees children. You can promote your student success event about how your business and employees are helping students reflect on their passion, set GETTING SMARTR™ goals, and create plans to realize their dreams in your Chamber of Commerce newsletters, towns community event calendar, on social media as well as news releases to local and national media. 

AGENDA: Positive, Purposeful, and Productive Play.™

How does it work? Together, we will connect schools, families, and communities for student success in college and career. In a game-style of play, our Realizing Dreams: YES! Youth Empowerment Summit uses creative tools that help students express themselves and discover their “why”. We all want students to apply themselves, do the best in their lives, and clearly see their path to successful futures.

At Realizing Dreams, we believe that life is more fun when we are Realizing Dreams In Teams™. Your staff can join in empowering visiting students, parents, educators, mentors, and others in positive youth development. Visiting students can even tour your business. Thirty minutes before meeting with students, your staff, mentors and caring adults learn how, then side-by-side help our young people ages 5 to 21+ reflect on and create plans to increase their future success. Your option to provide snacks for community building social time before or after the engagement.

Talk, Laugh, Learn about Each Others Hopes, Goals and Dreams for their Futures. In the next 90 minutes, Realizing Dreams will get all ages laughing, talking and learning about each other with our national award-winning team building game, Teamwork and FamilyPlay™ and empower youth through positive, purposeful play. Students inspired talk moves to action. The goal is to have ALL students create a personal “GPS”, Game Plan for a Successful future. To continue the momentum students will take home and can use in school, their game-changing reflective action journal, 7 Steps for Empowering Youth: Self-Awareness Developing Grit and a Growth Mindset by Jim Cantoni

Together, we can, and will engage, equip and empower™ our students with a personal “GPS”, Game Plan for a SuccessfRealizing Dreams It's Positively Empoweringul future. Our collective efforts with support the “Vision of the Graduate”, and realize everyone’s dreams and our young peoples dreams of becoming contributing, productive members in our global society. Thank you! Questions? Contact me or give me a call at 860.657.0770.

Yours in empowering our schools, families, and communities,

– Jim Cantoni, Founder of Realizing Dreams

Author of Cracking the Code to Student Success: Advancing Human Potential in Education and Health

“Jim, did and extraordinary job. Our kids got a lot out of it. He makes kids look at the future.”

– Scott K, Recreation Services Assistant Superintendent

“What they got out of it is a clear road map to their success and it came from inside of them. It made it easier for me to get them focused on what they want to do in the future, like getting in to college and doing positive things in their life. It made it easier to make them change.”

–  Middle School Educator

“Now they are going to start accomplishing something.”

– a proud inner city dad

Help kids feel they will be a “TON more successful”.

Elementary to collage age students even help empower other students, minutes after completing 7 Steps for Empowering Youth: Self-Awareness Developing Grit and a Growth Mindset.

Together, we can help our schools make a positive difference in student lives!