Is there an Einstein connection?

While James Jr. was still in the womb, in 1994 Jim Cantoni, Founder of Realizing Dreams, and his wife Jackie started reading books to their son. At 3 years old, their little boy would come up with very creative games that only he would understand. By the time James Jr. was 5 years old, Jackie and Jim had read about 10,000 books to him.Einstein Jr by Realizing

At the age 5, Jackie nicknamed him Einstein Jr. as Jim and Jackie started to understand the games he created. At 7 he was in PACE “Advanced Math”. At 9 years old, James Jr. came up with a memory match playing card games to put the over 50 positive psychology mirror neurons like Give a Smile … Get a Smile™, Give Understanding … Get Understood™ and Give Inspiration … Get Inspired™ that Jim Sr. created to teach kids the power of their smile, to be kind, caring and more. Today these regular and over and giant-sized playing cards called The World’s Kindest Playing Cards are helping people spread more smiles, kindness, and understanding in nearly all 50 States and over 27 countries around the world.

At 12 years oldE to the third power is engage, equip and empower in minutes, not months and a Realizing Dreams leadership strategy and teaching formula for exponential achievement in school, work, health, life and play., James Jr. on his own decided to dress up as Einstein for Halloween. For his costume he wore a tuxedo his dad bought at a second hand shop while in college 24 years earlier. As background, Jim Sr. had health and sleep challenges ever since his high school years. Starting around 2003, emotional intelligence formulas like E2™, E3™ and “The Theory of Relatives, Friends, and Everyone We Meet” for social and emotional learning would just pop into his head right before going to bed. Due to sleep challenges he would also wake up around 3am and jot these ideas down for hours. The good news is Jim Sr. has since solved his own health challenges and sleep issues without medications. Being entrepreneurial, he turned that into and opportunity to help others and created The New Math of Health™ and a self-discovery tool called the My Body Balance T-Chart™.

In Middle School, James Jr. continued in Advance Math and earned the Technological Initiative Award. In High School, he would get A’s in AP Physics without studying. In 2010, when James Jr. was almost 14 years old and while visiting his wife Jackie’s parents in Florida, Jim Sr. was researching Einstein’s formula E=MC2 on Wikipedia. It was then when Jim noticed the date date Einstein was born – March 14th. He was quite surprised when he saw this date, as James Jr. was also born on March 14th. This date is called “314” and often referred to as “Pi” day.

So, what do you think? Is there an Einstein connection?

We’ve been told so.  Contact Jim Sr. to stretch minds and collaborate in Realizing Dreams in Team™. Together we will connect schools, families, and communities for student achievement and success. Together, we will engage, equip and empower our youth to succeed. Together we will inspire potential, synchronize generations, and collectively transform lives.