Discovered and wrote about their passion in life

“SPARKING” AHA! Moments to Dream BIG Dreams for intrinsic motivation and a growth mindset to reach their potential.


Critically thought about and planned their futures

and created personal “Game Plans for Successful Futures”. Improving focus, motivation and mindful self-awareness for many young adults who lacked direction for their future.


Improved their decision making & emotional intelligence

Changing attitudes and behaviors to make better choices with social & emotional learning through Einstein inspired teaching strategies and self-efficacy formulas.


Set and learned how to achieve GETTING SMARTR™ Goals

with next steps for success in school, work, health, life and play and now clearly see their path to successful futures.

What Brings Students' Minds Alive So They Thrive?

Our Rigorous and Relevant Student-Centered Foundational Enrichment

Our Keys to Student Success?

We give students a voice and choice in their lives for:

  1. Self-Awareness – We help students figure out who they areABC-2-by-Realizing-Dreams
  2. Discover Passion – What they want to do in school, work, and life
  3. Develop Grit and a Growth mindset – How they are going to get there – Create personal “Game Plans for Successful Futures”

The Goal? Boost Student Achievement and Success In Life

Performing and Under-Performing Students in Rural, Urban and Suburban Communities:

  1. Develop self-efficacy Life Skill Assets™, which inspire them to believe they can reach their potential.
  2. Spark Aha! Moments, discover their passion, and dream BIG dreams – including dreaming “Olympic” size dreams.
  3. Change mindsets, attitudes and behaviors to make better choices.
  4. Create personal “Game Plans” to overcome personal issues and life challenges with social and emotional learning for health and well-being.
  5. Discover what motivates students at-risk of not graduating, to graduate.
  6. Empower school transitions – 5th grade to 6th grade, 8th grade to high school and post secondary/college.
  7. Use as a tool to express thoughts and feeling about juvenile justice, custody battles, and more.
  8. Prepare for college, career and retirement.

How Do We Help Students?

With 7  Steps for EMPOWERING YOUTH: Self-Awareness Developing GRIT and a Growth Mindset

A future pediatrician creating GETTING SMARTR™ goals