Branford Hornets Performance T


Get in the game! Get your Branford Hornets Performance T-Shirt.

***DEADLINE TO ORDER EXTENDED TO WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4th,  2019.*** These will NOT be shipped directly to you. Coach Chris Burnham will get the word out about distribution.

This is a FUNDRAISER for BRANFORD BASKETBALL Travel and Youth Basketball Program.

  • $25  gets you a long sleeve performance T
  • $5 goes to the FUNDRAISER
  • Plus to help students discover and create a personal Game Plan to realize their dreams, you get a copy of 7 Steps for Empowering Youth: Self-Awareness Developing Grit and a Growth Mindset by Jim Cantoni, founder of Realizing Dreams.
  • Bonus, you will receive a Positive Pen™ with each t-shirt ordered.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Sizes ordered will be the sizes shipped to you. Please make sure it is the size you want as these are ALL custom orders. We are not able to replace it even if does not fit.


Product Description

Performance T is a 3.8 oz./yd2 / 130 gsm, 100% polyester interlock with moister-wicking and UV protection performance.

Includes: A $5 donation to Branford Hornets Basketball, a Positive Pen™ and the personal take-action journal, 7 Steps for Empowering Youth: Self-Awareness Developing Grit an d Growth Mindset by Jim Cantoni, Founder of Realizing Dreams.

Just follow the steps in 7 Steps for Empowering Youth. 

To use your Positive Pen™,

In small to large groups and mentoring one-to-one:

  1. Invite each person to pick a Positive Pen™.
  2. Turn-and-Talk and ask ONLY ONE of the following at a time:
    • What does the message on your pen mean to you?
    • Why is it important in life?
    • What are some ways to give it?
    • Who exemplifies it and how?

Your Positive Pen™ may have one of these GivaGeta™ messages.

  1. Give caring … Get caring™
  2. Give confidence … Get confident™
  3. Give courage…Get courageous™
  4. Give energy … Get energized™
  5. Give friendship…Get friendship™
  6. Give forgiveness…Get forgiven™
  7. Give heart … get heartfelt™
  8. Give a high-five … Get a high-five™
  9. Give honesty…Get honesty™
  10. Give inspiration … Get inspired™
  11. Give kindness … Get kindness™
  12. Give leadership … Get dedication™
  13. Give a positive attitude … Get a positive attitude™
  14. Give process … Get systems™
  15. Give respect … Get respect™
  16. Give responsibility…Get responsibility
  17. Give smile … Get a smile™ GivaGeta™
  18. Give a song … Get along™
  19. Give understanding … get understood™
  20. Give Teamwork … Get Results™

If you want to ensure you get specific messages, please contact us at 860.657.0770.

The following GivaGeta™ messages are also available on request.

  1. Give a hug … Get a hug™
  2. Give an I love you … Get an I love you™
  3. Give an Eskimo kiss … Get an Eskimo kiss™
  4. Give a smooch … Get a smooch™
  5. Give sportsmanship … Get sportsmanship™
  6. Give God Smiles … Get God’s Smile™

To get these and other GivaGeta™ messages that are not listed here, please call us at 860.657.0770.

Note: There may be a minimum order of 250 pens.

Positive Pen™ Positively Supports:

  1. Social and Emotional Learning, (SEL) – In school, teach kids the power of their smile, how to be kind, caring, positive and more.
  2. PBIS, PBS, RTI, SRBI, Positive Psychology Mirror Neuron that create the “positive affect”.
  3. Character Education Programs.
  4. Team Building.
  5. Leadership Development programs and more!Learn By Doing Activity by Realizing Dreams

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