Classroom Empowerment Kit


In a Game-Style of Play, powerfully Engage Students, Equip Staff, and Empower Families™. Get kids to interact, talk, laugh, and learn about each other. In class, student assemblies, or in your after school programs, and in your PTA / PTA school, family and community partnerships, you will spark meaningful conversations that open communication, create connections and build relationships.

You will 1) Learn what inspires students 2) See how to Link Learning 3) Empower K to college students with transferable skills for success. Including collaboration, creative problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, resilience, Getting SMARTR™ Goal Setting and a personal, “GPS”, Game Plan for a Successful future. It’s Positively Empowering!™.

Includes relevant student-centered instructional supplies for 25 students and adults. See below to add students and optional training.


The relevant student-centered enrichment helps you learn what inspires students and provides insight to personalize and link learning to empower kindergarten to college students with transferable life skills for success.

Call 860.657.0770 for custom quantities, onsite training, and more information. Training is online or by phone for up to 60 minutes.

Use this to engage families, equip staff, and empower your student leaders as role models too!

  1. Learn what Inspires Students
  2. Gain Insight to Link Learning
  3. Bolster Confidence
  4. Boost Motivation to Achieve
  5. Engage in Social and Emotional Learning
  6. Equip with Self-Efficacy Life Skill Assets™
  7. Empower Student Success in School, College and Career

Get ready to unleash student potential!

The purposeful play in the Realizing Dreams Classroom Empowerment Kit helps teachers, positive youth development organizations,  and school, family, and community partnerships get all ages talking, laughing and learning about each other in a fun-filled way.

Move inspired talk to action: The inspired talk moves to action and students will explore passions, discover purpose and find paths to success. Students learn how to identify, set and achieve GETTING SMARTR™ goals and create a personal “GPS”, Game Plan for a Successful future. It’ all about Realizing Dreams in Teams™ and it’s Positive Empowering™!

Results-Based Outcomes: The evidence-based reflective activities help you increase student self-awareness and develop a growth mindset. The goal of our high-impact enrichment will inspire mindsets, change attitudes, influence positive behaviors and transform lives. The results-based outcomes inspire k to college students to dream, believe, and achieve!

Includes: Empowerment tools for 25 students and FREE download of Cracking the Code to Student Success by Jim Cantoni – only 16 pages and a 20 minute read showing how to help students discover their inner drive so they want to thrive! SEE below for Additional Students and Training, your How to Use – Quick Start Guide and everything your kit Classroom Empowerment Kit Includes. Questions? Give us a call at 860.657.0770.

How to use – Quick Start Guide:

Teacher/Facilitator Notes: Ask students who wants to take a leadership role and help give out the materials! Use this powerful tool to gain insight on what your motivates students and provides paths to personalize learning.

  1. Give a Positive Pen™.
  2. Complete your Dream Tag™.
  3. Invite everyone to take turns asking and answering “The BIG Questions” on the Teamwork and FamilyPlay™ cards. Exchange cards and go meet someone new!
  4. Move the inspired talk to action with the games companion reflective action journal, 7 Steps for Empowering Youth. To get started, just follow the 7 Steps on Page 1!
  5. Complete the results-based survey to measure the impact.
  6. Have students present three things:
    – What did I accomplish?
    – Am I better off?
    – Why?
  7. Give each student an I Dream. Believe. Achieve™ to recognize their efforts!

Includes 1 set of:

Teamwork and FamilyPlay™ Empowering youth through positive, purposeful play.™

  • Engage and inspire all ages with a game that open communication
  • 12 purposeful ice-breakers, conversation starters, team building activities
  • Develop transferable skills of:
  • 4 sets of 13 character building traits including character, respect, appreciating diversity, creativity, communication, leadership, positive attitude, responsibility, trust, grit, honesty, and helpfulness
    1. Collaboration
    2. Problem Solving
    3. Critical Thinking
    4. Risk Taking
  • 104 inspirational quotes that build capacity and foster resilience to overcome obstacles
  • 52 oversize (“5×7”) cards with simple and quick instructions

Includes 25 each of:

7 Steps for Empowering Youth: Self-Awareness Developing Grit and a Growth Mindset – a companion reflective action journal (to the game) that gives youth a voice and choice in life. You will help your students critically think about their future:

  • Explore passion
  • Discover purpose
  • Find paths to success
  • Identify Top 5 Strengths
  • Create a personal “GPS”, Game Plan for Success
  • Dream Tag™ – Identify strengths and passion
  • Positive Pen™ – a fun turn-and-talk that spreads positivity with assorted short, catchy positive messages
  • I Dream. Believe. Achieve.™ wristband
  • Results-based surveys to measure the impact for your school data, grant writing, and data to wow parents, program funders, and boards of directors

Additional Students and Training: You can add additional students for $15 per student.  It is currently $100 for up to 60 minutes of phone or online training. You will be guided step-by-step to implement in school, after school, at your club or positive youth development organization. To add students and get your training started, just give us a call at 860.657.0770.

Additional information

Additional Students

$15 per student


$100 for up to 60 minutes of training by phone, SKYPE, Google Hangouts, etc.