Cracking the Code to Student Success – Plus SAMPLE Kit


Realizing Dreams: Cracking The Code To Student Success – Advancing Human Potential in Education and Health

This is Jim Cantoni’s 16-page chapter with a sample of the tools referenced in his chapter that you can see how to use to improve youth outcomes and discover how you can further empower student success. SEE below for what is included.

Product Description

Realizing Dreams: Cracking The Code To Student Success – Advancing Human Potential in Education and Health

is co-authored with the legendary Brian Tracy. In his game-changing 16-page chapter Jim Cantoni powerfully connects the wisdom of Socrates, Einstein, Maslow, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, and Brian Gallagher, President, and CEO of the United Way Worldwide. Then step-by-step shows how we all can use the insight from these greats to unlock our young people’s potential and through our collective impact transform everyone’s life.

NOTE: The complete book, Cracking the Code to Success has 50 authors with unique chapters on various topics. Contact us if you want the complete book.

Includes: 7 Steps for EMPOWERING YOUTH: Self-Awareness Developing GRIT and a Growth Mindset is a reflective action journal that helps you discover what unlocks or is holding you back from reaching your potential. The student-centered enrichment increases self-awareness that powerfully helps students in kindergarten to college express thoughts and feelings about their strengths, interests, hopes, goals and dreams in life. Then, like a “GPS”, 7 Steps for Empowering Youth guides you step-by-step to create a personal Game Plan for a Successful future. The quick two page research-based activities and results-based outcomes provide game-changing insight that increases confidence, focus and links learning to motivation to achieve and succeed. It’s Positively Empowering.™

You will also receive a sample of:

  • Dream Tag™ a name tag to identify strengths, passion and scaffold the learning
  • Positive Pen™ a few of our pens with an inspiring message to complete the activities
  • My Declaration of Independence™ a promise for students to inspire others and do the best in your life
  • Teamwork and FamilyPlay™ a sampling of a few cards from our discovery card game that scaffold the learning and builds community as everyone learns more about each other and even themselves

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Realizing Dreams with Positive. Purposeful. Productive. Play. Producible by You.™




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