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Today more than ever, we need to open communication and cultivate relationships that brings people together on common ground. We all want to spark the conversations that we really want to have. Teamwork and FamilyPlay™ includes 12 trust and team building ice-breakers and leadership development activities that will help you open dialogue and create connections that strengthen relationships.

It’s a highly effective hands-on tool that gets REAL conversations started and bridges the generational divide. The purposeful play gets all ages to interact, talk, laugh, listen, and learn about others in a fun-filled way. Be the hero who brings discovery activities that build community with students, teachers, school counselors, staff to school boards, even Gifted and Talented Boards are reporting they go from the individual to to the team.

To start, just take turns asking and answering The BIG Questions on each card, exchange cards and go meet someone new!  The learn-by-doing activities cultivate transferable skill for college and career readiness including the 5C’s (4C’s plus compassion) of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem solving to overcome obstacles like Einstein did, all in a game-style of play. It’s nationally recognized activities improve teacher effectiveness with 12 quick, simple and meaningful turn-and-talk and cooperative play activities on 52 oversize cards (5″x7″) for minutes to hours of reflective fun for ages 3 to 103. Supports national standards and ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for mental health and well-being.


Spark the conversation you want to have. Create Connections. Develop Relationships. Build Community. Read, Talk, Play with conversation starters and team building games in Teamwork and FamilyPlay™ Empowering Youth Through Positive Purposeful Play. Perfect for starting class on a positive note, developing 21st century skills of communication, taking risks, creative problem solving, developing grit and teaching students to never give up, collaboration and leadership development. Great tool for PTA’s and PTO’s to build relationships, increase membership and of course, use as a ice-breaker and for collaborative games for your family engagement and parent involvement in education on your family fun nights! Using “The Big Question” Activity, you will empower your school-family-community partnerships and Realizing Dreams guarantees that everyone will learn something about each other and even themselves.

The meaningful conversation starters, ice-breakers and trust building activities help you team build and develop leaders as positive role models – even starting in Pr e-k! After all, earlier is easier as later cost greater. Teamwork and FamilyPlay™  is a authentic tool to build community with students, families and staff in school, at camp, in PTA’s and PTO’s, at your club, on your board, and in your business or organization. You’ll help people get out of their comfort zones and take risks in your safe, supportive environment. In 2011, Teamwork and FamilyPlay™ earned The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

Here are a few creative ways you can get for every teacher, school counselor and positive youth development professional in your school, camp or club.

  1. Get Family Engagement Grant funding. This would be a powerful tool to support your school districts efforts in engaging families for student success.
  2. Ask your local businesses and Chamber of Commerce to partner and offset the cost
    • Tell them the purpose is supporting high-impact and very empowering family fun nights where kids develop transferable 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, taking risks, creative problem solving.
    • Students will learn about grit and perseverance as the purposeful play with the Einstein Card Tower Challenge will teach them to never give up.

To give your local business some visibility, we can add your schools and up to 12 other logos with a minimum order of 50 sets.  Your sponsors logos will be on each of the 52 cards in the Teamwork and FamilyPlay™ community building games. For example 50 sets is 2,600 cards and 2,600 visual impressions of yours or your sponsor(s) logos participants will see when they play the games.

  • Individual Sponsor showing just your schools logo or a business or supporters logo. i.e. your insurance company, bank, realtor, etc.
  • Community Sponsors showing multiple logos (up to 13) – with for example your school, school district, PTA / PTO logos up to 13 logos printed on each card

Quick start – How to use Teamwork and FamilyPlay™ to meaningfully engage students, equip staff and empower families™:

  1. Take turns asking and answering THE BIG Questions in red on the bottom of each card.
  2. Exchange cards and go meet someone new.
  3. Talk, laugh, listen, and learn about others interests, hopes, goals, and dreams for the future.
  4. Move inspired talk to action, with Teamwork and FamilyPlays companion reflective take- action journal, 7 Steps for Empowering Youth: Self-Awareness Developing Grit and a Growth Mindset.

Quick, simple instructions for 12 activities is included in every set.

Includes quick ice-breakers, team and trust building, and leadership development activities on 52 oversize (5″x7″) cards that get all ages to talk, laugh, and learn about others in a very meaningful way.

  • 52 oversize cards with 12 capacity building hands-on activities to open communication, spark meaningful conversations, and bring people together on common ground.
  • Simple and quick instructions for 5 minute ice-breakers to hours of fun team building and developing leaders
  • Purposeful, productive play that engages all ages 3 to 103

The National Parenting Center Seal of ApprovalTeamwork and FamilyPlay™ received The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval in 2011.

“Geared for families with children of all ages, our testers gave great reviews to this very unique and ambitious game.

Game may not be the best term for Teamwork and Family play as what it really did was get families talking and sharing like never before.

Families reported learning interesting things about one another that they never knew before.

Let’s face it teens and pre-teens aren’t always the most open when it comes to conversations with their parents.These cards found a way to bridge the divide and get real conversations started.

Each card is loaded with fun activities, many of them based on the pillars of Character Counts. Parents like that there were often brain teasers that required some serious thought about completing each activity. This would also be wonderful for leaders of Scouts, church groups and the like.” – The National Parenting Center

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Get Students to Interact AND High-Impact Family Engagement with Cooperative Play

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