Purposeful Play by Realizing Dreams

Resources for Student Success

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7 Steps for Empowering Youth: Self-Awareness Developing Grit and a Growth Mindset

by Jim Cantoni Founder of Realizing Dreams

Classroom Empowerment Kit™

Goal: Purposeful play that connects schools, families, and communities to boost achievement and increase student success.

The Realizing Dreams growth mindset enrichment helps you to get kids to interact with meaningful self-exploration activities. Kindergarten through college students will reflect on passion, discover purpose, find paths to success.

Engage youth in purposeful play and develop transferable skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creative problem solving that helps students succeed.

Your Classroom Empowerment Kit™ includes minutes to hours of purposeful play that sets kids up for success. PDF includes what the activities look and feel like in action, W-9 and Order Form.

Capacity Building Workshops

Realizing Dreams: YES! Youth Empowerment Summits 1-8

Purposeful play inspiring potential, synchronizing generations, and transforming lives in education and health.