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Give a Hand Up. Not a Hand Out. Today’s kids have lots to worry and think about. It’s extra tough out there for our young people. I invite you to join in the Realizing Dreams Movement to engage, equip, and empower™ all students in America with with self-awareness and a personal “GPS”… Game Plan for a Successful Future™. Together, we will inspire our young people to reach for their potential and leave the world a better place.

Our Giving Pledge: We have given away thousands of our tools and workshops since 2003. Realizing Dreams is  a small family business and a for-profit company and we will match your donation and empower an equal number of students.

Leave A Mark: Check with your tax advisor if your contribution is a eligble for a tax deduction or if it is just seeing kids smile, feel more confident, and you getting that good feeling inside helping our young people succeed. As other options, we would be happy to empower students of your choice and/or for visible impact, we would be delighted to put your logo as a Realizing Dreams Student Success Sponsor and this may be a way to  deduct as a business outreach expense. Just let us know or write it in the checkout comments.

Thank you for not only making, but also being the difference.

We Can Make A Greater Impact Together

With our Matching Gift program, we will match your donation amount.

$50 Match

Sponsors 1/2 of a Student workshop

$100 Match

Sponsors 1 Student workshop

$500 Match

Sponsors 5 Student workshops

Custom Donation Amounts Available

Are you a student teacher school or positive youth development organization that would like to receive free workshops?

Contact us and let us know how we can help make a difference. We will match up Student Success Sponsor requests to you.

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