Connecting Schools, Families and Communities for Student Achievement and Success

The Key to School Improvement: Give Students a Voice and Choice in their Lives

We all want to put the future in our young peoples’ hands today, for a more successful tomorrow. In all of Realizing Dreams on-site and online workshops and author guided journeys we help you engage, equip and empower students with tools for social and emotional learning (SEL) using relevant, student-centered enrichment that gives our young people a voice and choice in their lives. Contact us to let us help you realize your dreams for school improvement and student success.

Research-Based Activities Creating Results-Based Outcomes

Realizing Dreams’ hands-on games, books, tools and workshops equip and empower teachers, counselors, parents, mentors and caring adults with self-efficacy Life Skill Assets using research-based activities and teaching strategies that allow you to quickly engage and make better connections with students and families by learning the interests, hopes and dreams of our young people for results-based outcomes.

Internal Drive – Foundational Enrichment Helping You Unlock Student Motivation and Success

7 Steps for EMPOWERING YOUTH: Self-Awareness Developing GRIT and a Growth Mindset is a self-discovery action journal helps you unlock the human potential in every student by discovering what intrinsically motivates them to succeed.  Step-by-Step,7 Steps for Empowering Youth builds capacity in K-12 teachers and college professors with foundational enrichment unlocking student motivation and success. The flexible teaching strategies combined with hands-on learning allow educators district-wide to systemically integrate our student empowerment tools in classrooms in-and-afterschool.

Linking to Learning – Student Empowerment for School Improvement

Realizing Dreams student empowerment aligns and supports the Dual Capacity Framework for Family Engagement and Student Achievement by equipping parents and caring adults with very meaningful and national award winning parent involvement tools and activities that build relationships and link to learning. We help you put kids and adults on the same page and transform lives by working together to empower school improvement. This is what Brian Gallagher President and CEO of The United Way Worldwide refers to as “collective impact and collaborative community change”.

Relevant and Rigorous Student-Centered Enrichment

Author Guided Journeys, Workshops, Tools and Teaching Strategies Inspiring Students and Adults. In 2013, Realizing Dreams’ national award cooperative discovery game called Teamwork and FamilyPlay was transformed into 7 Steps for Empowering Youth – a keepsake self-discovery action journal that helps you give students a voice and choice in their lives. Our Dream Tag™ helps you identify student strengths and passion. Our Positive Pen™ comes in assorted inspiring messages that create the “positive affect” , Students make a promise to graduate high school, prepare for college and inspire others with The My Declaration of Independence™ – and what we call The United States of America Student Challenge. We all want to measure the impact, contact us for results-based surveys that can support data and your outcomes for grant funding and measuring program success.

Individualized Learning Plans

All of our tools are support differentiated instruction and are inspirational for all ages empowering social and emotional well-being. For individualized learning plans our tools, teaching strategies and self-efficacy formulas can be adapted to meet the varying needs of individuals and small to large groups for all ages and development. If you are a teacher, counselor or mentor who has facilitated workshops before, you will find our tools are self-explanatory and can stand on their own and powerfully be used to augment Student Success Plans and enrichment programs already in place.

E to the second power power puts youth and adults on the same page, usually in minutes, not months. It is a Realizing Dreams leadership strategy and teaching formula for exponential achievement in school, work, health, life and play.

“By synchronizing the energy and experience of generations, together we can transform everybody’s lives.”

~ Jim Cantoni, Founder of Realizing Dreams