Activities to develop girls as confident, courageous leaders who make the world a better place. Realizing Dreams. Jim Cantoni. 7 Steps for Empowering Youth: Self-Awareness Developing Grit and a Growth Mindset. Goal Setting SMART Goals. Vision Boards. Visualization.

“Girls who dream become women with vision.”

~ Queen Rania al Abdullah

Queen of Jordan and International Advocate of Girl’s Rights and Cross Culture dialogue

Empower Girls as Leaders 

Who Make the World a Better Place

This confidence building workshop goes beyond self-esteem to empowering girls as leaders who realize their self-worth.

  1. Through self-discovery, leadership development and team activities, girls will also reflect and write about the traits, habits, quotes and actions of positive role models and successful leaders.
  2. Our young women will journal about what influence these successful leaders had on their lives.
  3. Girls will learn how to identify, set and achieve their goals and realize their dreams in becoming the local, national and global leaders of tomorrow.

Includes: The Realizing Dreams self-discovery action journal, 7 Steps for EMPOWERING YOUTH: Self-Awareness Developing GRIT and a Growth Mindset

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Participants: 1-30
  • Cost: On-line training $149 for 1 to 5 people. $129 for 6 to 24 $99 for 25+. Includes materials that you can use to empower students and families.

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