State-Wide Student Empowerment

At times, many underperforming and underserved students do not have hope, nor anything to motivate them to achieve and succeed. Family engagement, social and emotional learning and growth-mindset are three powerful tools of healthy learning. Studies have shown these improve performance across the board in core academic subjects, especially in lower-performing and underachieving students. This customizable workshop introduces state superintendents and high-level education officials how to empower students and improve schools on a state level with research-based activities for results-based outcomes.

From this workshop you will learn how to help your schools:

  1. Give students voice and help unlock even under performing students’ potential with intrinsic motivation to achieve and succeed
  2. Empower underserved students with hope and inspire them to dream BIG dreams
  3. Realize Dreams in Teams™ and create better connections between school and home improving relationships with families who can better support learning at home student achievement and success
  4. Engage, equip and empower students with self-efficacy Life Skill Assets™ including how to:
    • Identify, set and achieve GETTING SMARTR™ goals for high school success and college and career readiness
    • Clearly see their path to a successful future
  5. Scale Realizing Dreams growth mindset tools and strategies state-wide to empower your District Superintendents school improvement efforts and student success plans

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: 1 hr 15 minutes to ½ day
  • Participants: 1-5
  • Cost: On-line training $499 per participant. Onsite: One day on-site, $4,999. Includes materials and peer to peer travel in the continental United States.

To schedule or for more information, contact us.

Includes: The Realizing Dreams self-discovery action journal, 7 Steps for EMPOWERING YOUTH: Self-Awareness Developing GRIT and a Growth Mindset